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Tricon steel panel formwork

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The Tricon panel formwork is conceived and produced by Construx. It is a multipurpose, robust and flexible shuttering system for on-site concrete jobs

This shuttering system belongs to the category of heavy duty modular panel systems and is suitable to be used on every site where concrete walls, column or beams need to be poured in a cost-effective way.

Seen the robustness and high resistance of 80kN/m² the weight of the panels is still limited, because of they remain easy to handle with a crane. Through total quality management, in design, production and logistics, Construx guarantees a permanent high quality level.

Composition of the Tricon panels:

  • Galvanised and powder coated steel frame
  • 18mm plywood with a 440g/m² phenol coating
  • Plywood screwed from behind
  • Profiled sides
  • Steel tie holes

Requirements of the Tricon system:

  • Rigid and solid
  • Easy and ergonomic
  • Designed and calculated according to applicable standards
  • In-house production, controlled and certified

Specifications of the Tricon system:

  • Modular panel formwork
  • Panel thickness 120mm
  • Panels with large surface
  • Limited number of parts
  • High pressure resistance 80kN/m²
  • Long life expectancy

Tricon panel types:

  • Wall panels: 3 heights (3300mm, 2700mm and 1200mm) each with 7 widths (2400mm, 1200mm, 900mm, 720mm, 600mm, 300mm and 240mm)
  • Universal panels: 1 universal panel of 720mm wide per height, equipped with an extra hole pattern per 30mm, to use in corners, wall connections, as end panels and to make column boxes
  • Fixed inside corner panels: to make 90° angles
  • Articulating inside and outside corner panels: to make sharp and blunt angles
  • Shrinkable angle panels: to be used in lift shafts and stair cores

Utilisation of the Tricon formwork:

  • Connecting the panels is done with the Tricon clamps, only 2 per joint when using panels of 2700mm, the panels are clamped and aligned at the same time
  • The compensation waler with a length of 850mm has integrated hooks and is universally utilizable to mutually reinforce and align joints between panels
  • The 2,4m wide panels have tie holes in the centre, the smaller panels have tie holes left and right, the tie-bars can be fitted through these holes
  • Maximum load on the Ø15mm and Ø20mm tie-bars according to DIN18216
  • 2 tie-bars in height are required at 2700mm
  • If there are two different panel widths side by side, the widest panel must be tied
  • Infills of 50mm, 60mm and 100mm are standard aluminium profiles, the standard Tricon clamp is used for the alignment, the tie-bars are inserted through the infills
  • Between 100mm and 240mm wide, the infills must be made in timber, the planks are connected to the panel with the Tricon clamps, a Tricon compensation waler takes care of the alignment, the tie-bars go through these compensation walers
  • Straight angles are made by using an inside corner panel on the inside and 2 wall panels or a wall panel and a universal panel on the outside
  • Sharp and blunt corners are made by using articulating corner panels on both sides, these corner panels are made of stainless steel
  • Single-sided walls are made by using A-frames