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Tilting tables for industrial walls
Project // Belgium

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67 tilting tables for the production of fair-faced and exposed aggregate wall panels

Two production halls are fitted with a total of 67 large hydraulic tilting tables: 60n° 13m x 4m and 7n° 16m x 4m

Each table is equipped as follows:

  • Central operating hydraulic units
  • Continuously adjustable (100mm to 300mm) side forms on the bottom longitudinal and both lateral sides
  • All side forms have quick fixings at 140mm, 190mm and 250mm high
  • Lateral side forms open hydraulically
  • Supports along the top long side of the table so 4m high walls can easily be cast
  • High frequency vibrators connected to the centrally located frequency converter
  • Heating underneath and casing around the table
  • Insulation on the floor and against the casing
  • Operation by plug-in remote control to ensure safe working
  • All cabling for the hydraulics, electricity, heating and controls is concealed in covered gutters
  • Full steel side forms can be fitted onto the table by means of integrated box magnets: straight forms as well as tongue and groove forms