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Adjustable formwork without ties, for lift shafts, stair cores and box-culverts
Project // Belgium

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Construx designed a new type of adjustable mould to produce any type of shaft or core without ties through the concrete element

The system is suitable to make single and double lift shafts, stair cores and box culverts.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum external dimensions: L 7500mm x W 4000mm x H 3300mm
  • Minimum internal dimensions: L 1200mm x W 1200mm x H 1300mm
  • Straight 90° as well as chamfered corners
  • Inner core with 100mm increments
  • Demoulding inside mould by means of 4 hydraulically shrinkable corners
  • Outside panels in a hit-and-miss configuration
  • Base adjustable in height from 1300mm up to 3300mm
  • Steel base with timber infills
  • Detachable 150mm x 150mm corners
  • Extra set of 4 shrinkable corners to make double shafts