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Adjustable mould for rectangular inspection chambers
Project // Canada

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Construx manufactures 2 hydraulic moulds for inspection chambers

Specifications of the inspection chambers:

  • Internal width 2400mm and 3000mm
  • Internal length 1800mm, 2400mm, 3000mm and 3800mm
  • Wall thickness 200mm and 250mm
  • Height adjustment from 400mm to 2100mm
  • With or without wide foot 200mm x 300mm

Both moulds have a fixed internal width and a similar composition:

  • Core with 3 infills and 4 hydraulically shrinking corners
  • Fixed roof with infills and 4 air vents
  • 2 longitudinal manually movable outside panels with fixed size
  • 2 lateral manually movable outside panels with add-on parts
  • Modular base ring
  • Continuous height adjustment
  • Modular top ring with tongue or groove feature